Novin Industrial Group

Manufacturer of HAVC system, Industrial machines

NovinBokhar Company

Padideh Novin Bokhar industrial group established in 2004 to design and manufacture of HAVC system including steam boiler, thermal oil heater and hot water boiler. By employing skilled engineers and experienced technicians, this company spreads the activity to manufacturing oil industrial facilities and plants.

Whole the products design and manufactured in our factory by the high quality materials which tested by analyzing apparatus.

Novin industrial group activity scope

حوزه فعالیت شرکت پدیده نوین بخار در طراحی و تولید ادوات نفتی
فعالیت گروه صنعتی نوین بخار در طراحی و تولید ماشین آلات صنعتی
فعالیت گروه صنعتی نوین بخار در طراحی و تولید سیستم های گرمایشی نظیر دیگ بخار، دیگ روغن داغ و دیگ آبگرم

We believed to how we manufactured

  • Competitive price

    According to 100% manufacture of products in our factory, the prices of facility without any price fluctuations is determined.

  • High quality

    Whole the materials are analyzed by apparatus and verified by quality control engineers.

  • High technical machine and skilled engineers

    The reason of high quality of our products is skilled engineers and experienced technician.

  • Warranty

    Due to high quality of our products, the duration and type of warranty, determined by customers desire.

  • More than 17 years of manufacturing

    More than 17 years of manufacturing due to the trust of customer to our products.

  • After-sales service

    Whole the products has life-time after-sales service.