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hot oil boiler

1. General Introduction of the Product

High Temperature is necessary for various processes in nowadays technology, correspodingly high temperature transfer is needed. The hot oil boiler is an eco friendly product which provides thermal energy needed by any industrial plant.

Burns the fuel oil in liquid or gas solution by help of a boiler, turns it to thermal energy and transmits energy by heating up hot oil by means of convection, conduction or radiant heat.

Energy is transferred by sending heat to necessary source by the circulation pump. It is a secure and stable system as it works open to the atmosphere. Also it is evaluated sensitively during production and design due to CE security requirement and machine safety, pressured equipments, low voltage and electromagnetic compatibility directives.

1.1 Intended Use

The vapour and boiling water responds to necessities up to definite pressures, pressure values with higher heat are dangerous and has expensive solutions. Heat production in high temperatures is provided generously and securely by hot oil boilers.

Heat transferring oils which can be heated upto 300 degrees centigrade in astmospheric pressure without having any change in structure are used in hot oil boilers.  The heat transferring oil which moves in the serpantines within the body can be heated upto 250-300 degrees centigrade with help of a boiler and the heat can be tranferred to the target facility or process by means of hot oil.

The hot oil boilers are the most suitable boilers to be used for heat recovery because of high boiler exit gas temperatures. Either some of the hot water or hot air neccesity or whole of it can be produced with low investment cost by adding an economizer on top or behind the boiler or by air heaters.

1.2. The components of Product

The hot oil boilers are produced in 3 models KYK500, KYK750 and KYK1000 bearing thermal capacity of 500,000-1.000.000 kcal/per hour.

Author: mohammad
Sunday, October 7, 2018



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