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  • Various types of boilers
    Various types of boilers
    Boilers, hot water boilers, oil boilers and water softeners, sand filters, deaerator and pressure vessels
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  • With over 16 years of experience
    With over 16 years of experience
    The use of experienced workers and utilizes years of experience to provide the highest quality products of world standards
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  • Consulting and engineering services
    Consulting and engineering services
    Offering a variety of consultation and needs assessment based on knowledge and long experience of participation in industrial projects
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Latest Products

A chiller is a device that removes heat from a liquid (usually water) based on the compression or absorption of the compressed air cycle.
3 tons steam boiler
1ton steam boiler
Hot oil boiler 300kcal / h produced by the new steam generator company
700kcal boiler produced by Phenomenon of steam
Steam boiler 5 tons of water tube manufacturing company
Seven tons of steam boiler Construction of the new steam company
Three steam boilers manufactured by Novin steam company

Activity Range

Our goal is to increase your efficiency and reduce your costs

Research and Design

Our experts start the research process after registration of each order. The process is aimed at understanding customer needs and recognizing the functional characteristics of the final product and examining the international experience. The previous one.

Manufacturing & Production

The novin boiler generator team, with a well-equipped manufacturing and manufacturing workshops, receives expert data sheets, designed by the design team, and in accordance with the scheduling schedule for the manufacturing process of parts and assemblies.

Installing and Operating

After the completion of the construction and carrying out of the workshop tests, the process of carrying and installing the machinery is carried out at the site of the project. This stage, especially when the machines are part of a production line It is very vital, important and specialized.
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